The kid is dating! Parents give such a reaction instead of shouting and shock, children will also be happy


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Dating and relationship have become very normal these days. Now children start dating in adolescence and adolescence. Due to hormonal changes, children in this phase like to do something adventurous or get into a relationship.

But if we talk about parents, then how should they react after knowing about their children’s dating or relationship.

help choose the right path

Along with making some dating rules and regulations for their children, parents should talk to them openly and show them the right path. Along with fulfilling your every relationship, advise him to pay attention to studies and sports activities as well.

When you first come to know about this, instead of shouting or being shocked, stay calm so that your baby can comfortably talk to you freely without fear.

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No matter how hard you try to keep your child away from these things, but at this age crush or love happens. If you tend to be an overprotective or irritating parent all the time, the child may not even tell you about their dating.

Teenage romance is no longer a dream world, so try to accept it. After all, even if the heart is broken, you have to support him.

dating rules

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Create some dating rules for your child without being too strict or dominating. Ask him to take out equal time for each task. Before going out with someone, teach them to complete their schoolwork or assignments.

At the same time, due to the relationship, she does not have to give up her hobby and spend time with the family as before.

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be careful

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This does not mean that you keep doubting the child all the time. You just have to notice the behavior of the child. If the child is constantly feeling sad or emotionally weak, then understand that he needs you.

need to talk

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Gossip with the child over tea in the evening. Ask him about love and find out what he thinks about relationships and dating. Explain to the child that he has to respect everyone around him and how to deal with rejection or heartbreak.

Tell the child not to trust anyone blindly. His first goal should be to move ahead and get success in life.

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sex education

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There may be no sex in the relationship at this age, but the child must have the right information about it. The child should be aware of contraceptive methods, sexually transmitted diseases etc. At this age the child should be aware of his limits.


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