There is no crowd of friends, even spending time alone makes a child intelligent


You must have always heard that children should play with other children of their age. This develops the habit of sharing and adjusting with each other in children.

But you will be surprised to know that it is good for children to be alone. Due to this, the child does not get lonely but gets some time for himself. Studies show that children should try to learn something on their own in this alone time.

Increase your own creativity

When children are alone, they try to do things on their own without any help or expectation. This increases the child’s own imagination power.

Won’t complain about being bored

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Now children often complain of being bored. When children spend more and more time alone, they themselves will learn how to use this extra time.

When children learn to spend their time in an interesting way, it will increase their imagination and they will be able to explore the things around them in a better way. With this, the child will never feel lonely. Such children are able to have fun even when they are alone.

are emotionally stable

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Being alone increases the sense of calmness in the child. With this, children learn the tricks of calming themselves and explaining themselves. Such children rarely need emotional support from anyone else.

When children do not feel bored alone, they are able to distance themselves from groups and friends where they are less interested. These children are socially independent and independent.

decision making ability

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By spending time alone, children become aware of their actions and the consequences that come from them. Children understand that their work gives positive results.

When parents are not standing in front of the child in solving every problem, then the children start solving their own problems. This helps a lot in the mental development of the child.

what can parents do

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Parents should give the child a chance to learn by being alone for some time. For this you can do the following:

  • Give the child a safe place. Avoid places where unsafe toys or things are kept.
  • Keep the bathroom locked and the water tub empty during this time. Keep such places empty where there is a fear of water filling or else there may be a danger of drowning the child alone.
  • The furniture in the room where the child is sitting should be safe for him. Don’t let the child get hurt alone.


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