These 100 years old games can still keep children healthy and strong


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Sports have been an integral part of India’s rich culture and history. The sad thing is that today in the age of social media, children have moved away from outdoor games and play only video games.

They do not even know about the games played in the 90s and earlier like Kabaddi, Gilli-Danda etc. Gone are the days when children used to come out of the house and play the game of pitthu or hide and seek. In such a situation, due to less physical activity, children are facing many health problems. So today we are telling you about some such games through this article, which can give many health benefits to children.


It is a board game that was invented in the fourth century. It consists of two to four players. Now you will know it by the name of Ludo.

By playing Ludo, children’s mind becomes sharp and their ability to focus also increases.

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Children in India also used to play Kancha a lot. This game is also known as Goli, Marble and Lakhoti. This game started from the time of Harappan. In this game the goal is played with marbles. In this, you have to collect more marbles than the other partner by winning.

gilli danda

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The old version of today’s baseball and cricket is called Gilli Danda. It requires two sticks, which are hit with small gilli. Multiple people can play this game at the same time.

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Kabaddi does not require any kind of equipment. You just need strength in this. This game originated in India and today it is played all over the world. Kabaddi in Hindi is called holding the breath.

There are 7 to 12 players in a team.


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You must have also heard the name of this game. This game also originated in India and it was very much liked in other places as well. It consists of a ball and several stones. There are two teams in this. If you have not heard about Pitthu’s game, then you can ask your parents about this game. He must have played this game in his childhood.

kho kho

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The game originated in India and gained popularity in 1935. There are two teams in which there are nine players in each team. Children born in the 90s must have played the game of Kho-Kho.

At the moment it is corona, so children cannot be motivated to play outdoor games but you can play any of these outdoor games with children yourself at home. If you live in a joint family, then feed these games to all the children in the house. This increases physical activity, which keeps children healthy.


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