These names of baby girl and boy will trend in the year 2022, select from now


If you are pregnant and your delivery is going to take place in the year 2022 and you have not yet thought of a name for your baby, then think quickly now.

There are some special baby names of every year which are very much liked. So today we are telling you about the unique and modern names of the most liked baby girl and baby boy in the year 2022.

baby girl names

  • Original: You must have heard about the original names of boys. The name Maulika is also derived from the same. The name Maulik means love, affection and love.
  • Nirajakshi: You might also like the name Nirajakshi for your daughter. This baby girl name is very unique. The meaning of name Nirajakshi is “lotus-like eyes”.

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list of girls names

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  • Prisha: If you or your partner is going to deliver in the year 2022 and you are wondering what will you name if you have a daughter, then you can keep the name Prisha. Prisha name meanings is Sweetest and dearest.
  • Sayantika: This name is very different and you can also put it in the list of modern names. If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘S’ then you can name her as Sayantika. The meaning of name Sayantika is “rising or moving forward”.

baby boy name list

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  • Usher: If looking for a name for a son, then Ashar can choose the name. The meaning of name Ashar is “joy, joy and enthusiasm”.
  • Goddess: The name Devish is also included in the list of unique boy names. Meaning of the name Devish is the greatest god or the supreme god.

list of boys names

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  • Flourishing : Very few people know about this name. The meaning of name Utkarsh is Famous, Popular and Popular.
  • Kavan: If looking up the name with letter ‘K’, then you might like the name Kavan. The meaning of name Kavan is water and water.

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Boys names with the letter P

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  • Partha: This name is very old but even today it is very much liked. Partha name meanings is Friend, Friend and Companion.
  • Dove: If the name is derived from the letter ‘P’, you can also keep the son’s name Parv. This boy’s name is also very cute.

r letter name list

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  • Raunak: This name is also no less good. The meaning of name Raunak is “celebration and celebration”.
  • Dress: This name will be unique and modern for baby boy. This name starts with the letter ‘R’. The meaning of name Ridhan is “seeker”.

and letter name list

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  • Vairaj: You will also love Vairaj boys name. The meaning of name Vairaj is “spiritual glory”. You can choose the name Vairaj for your son.
  • Varesh: If you are looking for a mythological name, then the name Varesh may suit you. Varesh name meanings is Lord Shiva.


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