These names of Goddess Parvati are very famous, your baby girl will be useful


Lord Shiva’s grace showers on the whole world and half of Shiva’s share belongs to his wife Goddess Parvati. Maa Parvati is known by many names and by giving any one of her names to your daughter you can inculcate the qualities of Mother Goddess or her grace and blessings in her.

Here we are telling you about some very beautiful and popular names of Maa Parvati for girls. You can choose whichever name of Goddess Parvati you like for your daughter.

Name of Mother Parvati

  • Arya: You can name your daughter as Arya of Maa Parvati. Maa Durga is also called Arya. Arya name meanings is Woman of high family, Respected, Friend, Honest, Benevolent and Auspicious.
  • Aparna: If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘A’, then you can name her as Aparna. The meaning of name Aparna is “goddess parvati and devoid of leaves”.

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Name of Goddess Parvati

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  • Brahmi: Maa Parvati is also called Brahmi. The meaning of name Brahmi is “holy and holy”. There is also a medicinal plant named Brahmi in Ayurveda.
  • Figure : If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘C’ then you can name her Chitra. Chitra name meanings is Picture, A constellation, Brilliant, Brilliant, Excellent, Worldly illusion, Charming and Heaven.

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Jaya: This name is also very popular. Especially in the 90s, this name was more liked. Along with Mata Parvati, Maa Durga is also called by the name of Jaya. Jaya name meanings is Victory, 8th or 13th lunar day. Jaya is the name of Goddess Parvati, the daughter of King Daksha and wife of Shiva.

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Hindu girl names list

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  • Maheshwari: Lord Shiva is also known as Mahesh, hence his wife is called Maheshwari. The meaning of name Maheshwari is “power of lord mahesh”.
  • Nitya: This name would be great for a daughter. The meaning of name Nitya is Eternal, Continuous and Continuous. Maa Durga is also called by the name of Nitya.

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  • Ratnapriya: If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘R’, you can name her Ratnapriya. Ratnapriya name meaning is One who likes to wear ornaments or ornaments and is adorned with ornaments.
  • Shivani : If the daughter’s name is coming out of the letter ‘S’ then you can choose the name Shivani for her. The meaning of name Shivani is “wife of lord shiva”. Goddess Parvati and Maa Durga are also called Shivani.

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  • Vaishnavi: A female devotee of Lord Vishnu is called Vaishnavi. Mother Parvati is also called Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi name is very good for girls.
  • Valari: This type of name is very popular in South India. Mother Parvati is called Valari. The meaning of name Valari is Creeper and group of flowers.


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