These names of Lord Vishnu are very cute, you can choose any unique name for your son


Lord Vishnu is one of the three major deities in Hinduism. Vishnu ji is considered to be the creator of the world. Lord Vishnu has kept the whole world safe and protects it.

He is known by many names and among his many names, you can choose a name for your child. In this article, we are telling you about the names of Lord Vishnu starting with the letter ‘V’. You can choose any one of these names for your son.

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  • Vaikhan : Lord Vishnu is also known as Vaikhan. You can also give Vaikhan name of Vishnu ji to your son.
  • Vasu: This name is so cute. Meaning of Vasu is Precious, Gem, Wealthy, Priceless or One who is rich and one who has lot of wealth. To give a prosperous life to your son, you can name him Vasu.

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  • Venkat: This name is very much liked for boys in South India. The meaning of name Venkata is existing, natural or ‘divine’. If you are looking for a name with deep meaning for your baby, then this name is a good choice.
  • Vibhu: This little name for boys would be very cute. You can name your son Vibhu. The meaning of name Vibhu is “beautiful and respectable”. It also means great, strong, solid and excellent.

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  • Vikram: The name Vikram would also be good for boys. Vikram name meanings is Valor, Intelligent, Brave, Courageous or Strong. It is a popular baby boy name in Hindu communities.
  • Respectful : If your son’s name is derived from the letter ‘V’ then you can also name him Vineet. Vineet name meanings is Humble, Knowledgeable or Humble. This is a great name if you want to infuse your son with these friendly qualities.

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  • Viraj: If you believe in Lord Vishnu, then you can name him Viraj. Viraj name meanings is Radiant, Intelligent, To shine or King of the planet. This name is awesome.
  • Veeresh: One who is brave or who has the quality of being brave is called Veeresh. A person who is courageous, brave and brave is called Veeresh.

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  • Vishwavam: This name of Vishnu ji will be very unique for the son. The meaning of name Vishwam is one who is the universe, lord of the universe, ruler or greatest. This popular name beautifully glorifies the divine status of Lord Vishnu.
  • Refinement: Lord Vishnu is also called by the name of Vishodhan. Vishodhan name meanings is Act of purifying, Free from defect or one who attains one’s soul and oneself.

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  • With: One can also choose this name for the son starting with the letter ‘V’. The meaning of name Visham is “liberator or savior”. It is another name for Lord Vishnu.
  • Present: This name is unique and if you are looking for a unique name for your son, then you can choose the name Vedatman. Vedataman means the soul of the Veda. It is another name for Lord Vishnu. If you are looking for a name with spiritual depth then this is a good option.


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