These things are missing from the development of the seven-month-old baby, alarm for the parents


The baby learns something new every month and new things keep on adding to his development. After the age of 6 months, the baby starts eating solid food along with mother’s milk and after that in the seventh month its development gets better than before.

7 month old baby development

A few grams of weight will have increased in this month. At the end of seven months, the baby would have gained 2.5 times the weight at birth. The child begins to catch the food himself. A seven-month-old baby starts rolling on his stomach and walking on his knees. The lying child starts licking hands and feet.

He picks up small toys in his hand and starts rotating them and with a little help can even sit on his own. With one or both of his hands, the left can reach close objects.

cognitive development

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This means that how the child’s brain is developing and at what rate his intellectual development is taking place according to the age.

The child starts remembering recent things. Seeing his parents or other people starts doing blah-blah. The child likes bright colors and patterns and runs after them.

He begins to understand the meaning of ‘no’. He starts recognizing his name. The child can find the sheet or any hidden objects.

social and emotional development

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A seven-month-old baby can express her emotion by laughing or crying. He starts to understand the emotions of his parents and the people around him closely and can also copy them. His likes and dislikes also develop.

When other children cry, the child also starts crying. He pays attention to loud noises and begins to react with fear or anxiety.

communication skills

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A seven-month-old baby starts speaking words like ‘oh’ and ‘ah’. He also starts making sounds. The child tries to engage in the conversation of the people around him. The child starts hitting your face or tries to touch your face with hand.

when to see the doctor

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It is normal for a seven-month-old baby to sneeze or hiccups, but if you are seeing the following signs, then you should see the doctor.

Gently brush the baby’s teeth with a baby brush. Children of this age get 12 to 14 hours of sleep, in which they also take naps during the day. If your child is not able to sleep properly or his sleep cycle is irregular, then see the doctor at once.

Talk to your doctor if your baby has a fever of 103 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. If the child has a rash or pain on the skin, signs of dehydration or the child is having difficulty in breathing, then take the child to the doctor immediately. If the baby is not able to move or sit with help or is showing tiredness or lethargy in movement, then you need to see a doctor.


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