This facility must be there in the child’s school, if it is not done then you will have to regret it.


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Not only work and play, in this way the child will become lethargic. By staying away from sports, a person is unable to stay fit and remains under stress and also becomes boring. Sports are not only for entertainment or fun, but it also provides many benefits for mental and physical health. Therefore, to stay mentally and physically fit, you should include sports in your habit.

If you are also a parent, ask your child to participate in sports and talk about an emphasis on sports in school as well.

leadership skills come

Sports develop the quality of leadership in the child. During this process the decision making ability develops in the child. By becoming a leader, the child learns to coordinate with his team and to give and receive advice. The child also comes to know about his weakness and strength, which makes him better with time.

physical growth takes place

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Physical activity and exercise encourage the development of muscles and bones of the child. Children playing sports also take a good diet, which keeps their health and energy level good.

Healthy habits also keep the level of cells and hormones balanced. If the child is physically fit, then he will be able to concentrate on his studies well.

sleep well

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After sports, the body gradually triggers sleep-inducing hormones. These hormones relax the body, which leads to sound sleep. If the child does not sleep properly, then he will be lethargic in school and he will not be able to concentrate on studies. That’s why sports are important for children.

confidence grows

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In the game, the child gets to know about his strength and ability. Due to this the child considers himself better and different from others. Knowing his strength, the child’s confidence also increases. When a child is praised in a tournament, it boosts his/her confidence and prepares himself/herself for new challenges.

work in a team

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Through sports, the child learns to coordinate with his peers. People of different gender, caste, color and religion meet in a team. Here the child learns to work with and respect everyone. He also gets to learn some creative and smart skills.

Now you must have understood how important sports are for school going children. It benefits children in many ways such as they become physically fit and also learn many types of skills. If the school does not have sports, talk to the school staff or you can get the child to join a sports academy outside the school.

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