This is how baby teeth are formed in the womb, eating these things can strengthen the teeth already


Children’s dental care is often neglected until their first tooth erupts, which starts after 6 months. But did you know that the teeth of babies, also called “primary teeth”, are already present inside their cute gums?
It is true that babies’ “primary teeth” are present from the time they are 6 weeks old in the mother’s womb. So you must have come to know that the care of the teeth of children is necessary since they are in the mother’s womb. So let’s know, what can be done to take care of the teeth of children from the womb itself.

Taking a good diet is essential for a healthy pregnancy

Eating a good diet is not only beneficial for a child’s teeth but also for his overall health. The right diet has a great effect on the teeth of the baby. The effect of good eating habits can be seen on life long teeth.

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Pay special attention to protein intake

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Protein is the most essential element for our body. Protein is very important in repairing the cells and tissues of the body. In the same way, protein intake is very important for teeth as well.

Our teeth are basically calcium. If you don’t get enough calcium during pregnancy, your body takes all the calcium needed for your baby from your teeth and bones. Which can be disastrous for your body. That is why it is important to consume enough calcium.

Phosphorus and Vitamin D

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Not consuming enough phosphorus can lead to hard and early breakage of baby teeth. Phosphorus is present in many food items such as meat, pulses, milk products etc.

Vitamin D is very essential for the proper growth of the child. Without this, it does not matter how much calcium and phosphorus you are consuming, because without vitamin D our body is unable to absorb calcium and phosphorus.

The good thing is that our body produces vitamin D itself when we go out in front of the sun. Therefore, during pregnancy, take light sunlight in the morning.

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take care of your own teeth

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If you have a problem or decay in your teeth, then the problem in your child’s teeth can get worse. Make sure that you do not consume too much sticky and overly sweet and take a good diet during pregnancy.

Water is very essential for the development of the child. Also, the fluoride present in the water improves the oral health of the baby. So do not forget to consume enough water during pregnancy.

folic acid

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Folic acid prevents the baby from oral cavity birth defect. Taking folic acid is very important in pregnancy, but use folic acid medicines only as prescribed by the doctor.

Taking antibiotics or high dose antibiotics is harmful to the teeth. So avoid it as much as possible.

Diet is very important for the overall health of the child, in the same way, diet is also responsible for the health of their teeth. That is why it is important that the mother takes full care of herself and her baby during pregnancy.

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