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Every parent wants to choose a unique and modern name for their child and for this they scour every book and website of baby names. But still many times they are not able to get the name of their choice.

If you are also looking for a unique name for your son or daughter, then the list of baby names given here can come in handy and you can get the name of your choice.

boys names in hindi 2021

  • Base: This name will be quite unique for boys. You can also name your son Aadhir. The meaning of name Aadhir is “moon”.
  • Unsuccessful: If the son’s name is derived from the letter ‘A’, then you can give him an inappropriate name. The meaning of the name Avyukta is Shri Krishna.
  • Lavit: You can choose this unique name for your son. The meaning of name Lavit is lord shiva.

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boys name list in hindi

navbharat times
  • Nirmya: This name is too cute. Nirmay Name Meaning of One who has no stains or marks or one who is spotless. You can also choose a Nirmay name for your son, if the name is derived from the letter ‘N’.
  • Rishan: Lord Shiva is known as Rishan in Hinduism. If you are a devotee of Bholenath, then you will definitely like his name.
  • Rishit: This name is also quite unique and modern. Rishit name meanings is Paramount, Best and Best.

list of boys names

navbharat times
  • Vyana: If you are looking for a unique name for your son, then you might like the name Vyan. The meaning of name Vyan is wind and wind.
  • youth: This name is also very much liked for boys. The meaning of name Yuvan is youth, young and healthy.
  • Yashmit: If your son’s name is derived from the letter ‘Y’, then you can name him Yashmit. The meaning of name Yashmit is Popular, Famous and Popular.

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girls name list 2021

  • Adhira: Looking for a unique name for a daughter, then you can choose the name Adhira for her. Adhira name meaning is Moon.
  • Heard: If the name of the daughter is derived from the letter ‘A’, then you can give the name Ashruti. Ashruti name meanings is Brave, Speed ​​and Movement.
  • Atrium: If the name is derived from the letter ‘A’, you can take the name Karnika. The meaning of name Karnika is “heart of lotus”.

girls names new 2021

  • Krishna: This name will also be very unique and modern. The meaning of name Krishna is Lord Krishna and Bholenath.
  • Mahira: The name Mahira is also very much liked for girls. The meaning of name Mahira is Expert, Expert and Skilled.
  • Paniwi: This name is too cute. The meaning of name Panavi is “god, god and festival”.

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