Tickling nose: The child has a bad habit of giving a finger in the nose, instead of being embarrassed, follow these methods


As children grow up, parents see a lot of strange things in their children. These movements can be normal as every growing child does this type of movement. Like biting nails, putting finger in mouth, finger in ear, and smelling wax. But some children do very strange movements, seeing which parents get upset like tickling nose meaning. Let us understand about this strange habit of the child and know how children can get rid of this habit.

don’t pay too much attention

Children are children and they do such things. In such a situation, you do not need to shout much or pay much attention to them. If they are left like this for some time, then they gradually give up this habit on their own.

If children are putting their fingers in the nose excessively, it can be dangerous. They may be feeling pain or some kind of discomfort. In this case the risk of infection may increase. Therefore, you should immediately consult a doctor about this.

Children have a lot of energy. If they are not kept busy then some strange strange things start to happen. So you need to keep your kids busy. Teach them good habits. Involve them in different types of activities. So that he remains busy and does not do unnecessary acts.

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keep fingers under control

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If children are not changing their habit even after repeated explanation. So when there are children at home, put tape on their fingers. By doing this gradually they will start getting used to it. But do not do this at all when you go out because it can make the children feel embarrassed.


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Whenever children are doing such an act, you should also sit in front of them and put a finger in your nose like them. If he laughs at you, explain to him how funny this act is. Doing so can make him look so weird and people can make fun of him. Once the child understands this, then he will gradually give up his habit.

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use of handkerchief

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Make it a habit for children to keep handkerchiefs in their pockets and use handkerchiefs. So that if mucus is coming out of his nose, he has a cold or a cold, then he should use a handkerchief instead of his hands. Along with this, make them inculcate the habit of cleaning their hands as well.

maintain hydration

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Children feel irritation when their nose becomes dry. In such a situation, there is itching in his nose and he starts putting his finger in the nose. Therefore, maintain hydration in the nose of children.

You can use nasal drops for this. Along with this, try that children drink plenty of water. So that their nose is naturally hydrated.

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What to do

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Putting a finger in the nose is a normal habit of children, but at the same time, if these children start eating the mucus coming out of the nose, then sit down and explain it well to them. Gradually he will give up his habit. Even after this, if he keeps putting fingers in the nose, then you should consult a doctor.


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