Tips for newborn baby sleep: If you sleep in the same room with the baby, then do not ignore these things, the life of the child can be lost.


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The joy of becoming a parent is the greatest happiness in this world. Nothing can be better than adopting your little one but with it comes a lot of responsibilities.

The question that comes in the mind of many parents is whether you should share the room with the child while sleeping or not?

The answer depends on your comfort and the safety of the baby. If you are making your baby sleep in the same room with you, then take special care of some things.

separate baby zone

Keep your and your baby’s sleeping space separate. Sharing a room does not mean sharing a bed. It is not safe to sleep on the same bed with such a small child. Have the baby sleep separately in a swing or on a small bed.

You can also divide the room by placing a curtain between your bed and their bed. In such a situation, the child will start getting used to sleeping at his own place. He will be able to sleep peacefully.

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keep in front of your eyes

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Sharing a room with a child means that you want to be in touch with your child. Keep in mind that your bed and the child’s bed are far away but you can easily see your child. Keep an eye on what the child is doing. Try to keep the child’s bed in such a place, where you can easily see the child from the bed, but the noise of your words does not reach him.

noise device

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The white colored noise device will help your baby to sleep soundly. This device removes other noises from your baby’s surroundings. Due to this, the sound of small movements in the house will not reach the child, like you are preparing to go to sleep, you are changing clothes etc. You can also use other alternative option instead of white noise device.

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room light

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Do not keep too bright light in the children’s room. Use a light that has very little illumination. If you want, you can also use night light. The little light does not disturb the sleep of the child and he is able to sleep peacefully.


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If the child’s room is separate, get a light colored paint on the wall of his room. This allows children to sleep comfortably. Do not put unnecessarily attractive wallpapers or posters in the room where the children have been made to sleep. This disturbs the children and cannot sleep peacefully.

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