Toilet training saves parents from embarrassment, this lesson is useful for many more


Potty training is given to young children i.e. toddler age. In this, children are taught to go to the toilet themselves. You can teach potty or toilet training to an 8- to 3-year-old.

After the age of 18 months, the child has control over his bladder. Therefore, only after one year, you start teaching the child to pee and potty.

Why is potty training important for a child?

Bring a potty seat for the child according to his age. They are designed according to the comfort of the child. However, you will need a lot of time and patience to give this training to the child.

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how to potty training

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You should note how many times a day the child urinates or potty and what time it is. Does anyone make a sound or mouth before urinating or pottying?

When you understand this pattern, then you will be able to train the child easily.

use sound

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You make a sound when the child comes to the potty. Teach the child that when he hears this sound, he has to potty. Many people make the sound of ‘Sass’ to make the child urinate. Whenever the child has to go to the toilet, you make such a sound.

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sign will work

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You can use some signs whenever the child has to pee or potty. The baby will soon be able to understand these signs and will tell you when to urinate or potty.

take to the toilet once in a while

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Will take the child to the toilet after a while. Take the child to the toilet after waking up in the morning or after eating food. By doing this, the child will start to understand that when he comes to the toilet, he has to pee or potty.

You also have to talk to the child in the toilet. Sing him a song or give him a toy of his choice. By paying attention to the things he likes, the child will be able to understand the process of potty training easily.

Why is potty training important?

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In the first few months after birth, the baby drinks milk and does potty occasionally. But when the child gets a little older and starts playing or going out somewhere with you or someone’s house, then it is very important to give him potty or toilet training.

Imagine how embarrassed you would feel if you took your child to a relative’s or friend’s house and there the child urinated or potty on their couch or bed. To avoid such situations, children are given toilet training. After toilet training, children themselves will tell you with the help of some signs that they have to go to the toilet.

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