Umbilical Cord Care: The baby’s umbilical cord does not fall immediately after birth, care has to be taken like this for a few days


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As soon as a small child comes into life, the concern about proper care of children starts. There are many things that need to be done with great care. Like bathing babies for the first time. Newborn baby is born with umbilical cord or umbilical cord.
The umbilical cord holds the mother and child together in the womb. The umbilical cord separates from the baby a week after birth, and it takes some time for the wound to heal. In such a situation, special precautions are needed while bathing them. But along with this, it is also very important to take care of the cleanliness of the children.

umbilical cord care

It is necessary to take special care of it till the loss of the umbilical cord. It falls apart within about 1 to 3 weeks. But till then it is necessary to keep it completely clean. The best way for this is to moisten a piece of cotton wool and gently clean the umbilical cord with it. Then dry it with another part of the cotton.

If in spite of cleanliness, if the child is feeling pain, yellowish pus is coming, smelling, then it is a sign of infection, and in such a situation, medical advice is necessary immediately.

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newborn and diapers

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Always wear the diaper below the umbilical cord. Or use diapers that are made specifically for newborns. In such a diaper, there is a separate space for the umbilical cord. Along with this, make the children wear light clothes.

keep kids clean

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Children should be given sponge bath till the umbilical cord is released. In this way the baby remains clean and the umbilical cord can also be kept dry. Clean newborn babies once or twice a week with a sponge bath. Cleansing more than this can dry out their skin.

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sponge bath

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It is important to keep some things in mind while cleaning children through sponge bath. If the weather is very cold, warm the room temperature a little before taking a bath. Gather all the necessary things like towel, mild soap, baby clothes, diapers etc. Keep everything organized in such a way that you can easily find it.

To bathe the newborn, by laying a thick towel or sponge on a soft surface, the babies can also be bathed by lying on top of it. Children should always be cleaned from head to toe. The soap should be mild. It is also important to take care of sensitive parts like eyes, ears, nose, mouth, navel of children.

take special care

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While bathing, clean the tip of the fingers under the neck, behind the ears, with light hands. Immediately after bathing, dry the babies with another soft bath towel and wrap them immediately with a warm cloth. Younger children cannot handle their necks.

Therefore, while bathing them, take special care of their head and neck. Along with this, immediately after cleaning the umbilical cord, dry it well by pressing it lightly with a dry cloth.

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special caution

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Do not try to pull the umbilical cord with your hands at all. Even if you feel that it is completely dry, do not pull it off. It is safe to fall off on its own.


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