Unable to breathe due to blocked nose, these home remedies will be useful for children


There is a sound from the nose while the child is breathing, or the child is becoming very irritable, is not able to breastfeed properly, then these are symptoms of a blocked nose problem. The problem of blocked nose can be due to any of these reasons such as – cold, cold, infection, mucus formation, or change in weather.

rubber bulb syringe

To use the rubber bulb syringe, make the child sit on a pillow, then press the syringe to push out the filled air, while pressing it gently insert it into the child’s nose.

Now release the pressure you applied to the syringe and let the mucus in. Take out and clean the syringe bulb and repeat the same in the other nostril.

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use nasal aspirator

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The nasal aspirator consists of a nozzle, a soft tube and a mouth piece for suction. To use it, lay the baby on his back, now put two to three drops of saline solution in the nose, then check the suction of the aspirator by placing it on your finger tip.

Place the aspirator nozzle on the tip of the baby’s nose and allow the mucus to come in and clean the tube while sucking the mouthpiece back into your mouth, the tube has a filter that prevents any germs from inhaling you Is.

Other ways to clear baby’s blocked nose

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Use a soft pillow while sleeping the baby and elevate the head slightly, this gives relief from stuffy nose to a great extent. Moisture and heat can easily open the clogged nose of the child, for this pour hot water in the bathroom and sit there with the child for some time, keep in mind that at this time close the bathroom windows and doors.

This will help loosen the mucus from the baby’s nose. Dry air can further dry out a baby’s nose, so if the weather is dry, a humidifier would be a better option. Having moisture in the air provides relief to a great extent in blocked nose.

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Nasopharyngeal suctioning (NP)


With the above methods, the baby’s nose can be completely cleaned in one to two weeks, but if there is no improvement in the baby, then doctors resort to nasopharyngeal suctioning (NP).

Simple home remedies are very effective to open a blocked nose of a child. If this doesn’t work, use a nasal spray or aspirator. Even after using all these, if the child is facing the problem of blocked nose for a long time, then definitely show it to your doctor.


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