Vaccines that protect against thousands of diseases can disturb the innocent baby, parents are surprised by the side effects


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The baby is vaccinated to protect against a variety of health problems and infectious diseases such as measles, polio, and whooping cough. All vaccines given to children are clinically tested and certified by the Regulatory Authority.
The vaccine usually contains the disease-causing virus or bacteria’s dad or weak pathogen. They help the body make antibodies and give immunity to protect against disease.
Some parents fear the side effects of vaccine before getting vaccinated. If your child is also small and needs to be vaccinated, then here are the side effects of vaccine to children and how serious they are.

Does vaccine have side effects

Although the vaccine is completely safe, but sometimes it can also have side effects. Several factors may be responsible for the side effects caused by a vaccine in a child.

The type of side effect, its severity and how long it lasted depends on the following things related to the health of the baby:

  • In the past, there has been an acute allergic reaction to most of the vaccines.
  • There is a chronic disease like Congenital Heart Disease.
  • Treatment of any disease like cancer or medication is going on.
  • Weakness of immunity due to a condition like HIV.
  • Problems related to the immune system such as the Gullian Barr syndrome.
  • Some vaccines take place at a certain age to protect against side effects. Only in the situations mentioned above are the vaccine side effects, not all children are harmed by the vaccine.

How long do side effects last?

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Most of the side effects caused by the vaccine are mild and last for a day or two. Some vaccines can cause side effects to last five or seven days. However, these effects are also mild and the baby does not have much problem due to them.

Vaccine consists of disease-causing bacteria or virus dads or weak pathogens that stimulate the body to produce antibodies. It is similar to exposure to pathogen but no serious symptoms are revealed due to infection. After applying the vaccine, you may get fever for some time.

Pawan Kumar, Senior Consultant, Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj, says that it is normal for a child to get fever or have pain in the place of needle after getting vaccinated. It resolves on its own in a day or two.

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Vaccine Side Effects

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Below, we are telling you about some of the side effects from the vaccine, which are mostly mild:

  • Fever usually occurs within 24 hours after applying the vaccine and goes away in one to two days.
  • Redness, pain, or pain on touching the vaccinated area may occur. These symptoms usually start appearing within 24 hours and last for three to five days.
  • A small hard knot may form at the site of the injection. It will recover on its own in a few days.
  • The child gets more sleep after applying the vaccine. At the same time, some children become irritable.

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