Vaginal tear after birth: This work will start in pregnancy itself, so the vagina will not peel at the time of delivery


Women have to bear a lot of pain during normal delivery. As soon as the child comes in her lap, the mother forgets all her pain. This pain lasts for a few hours and after that you can enjoy every moment with your child.

However, some women have to bear some complications even after delivery. One of these is the perineal tear.

While coming out in it, the vagina gets pierced from the head of the baby. Vaginal tear is common and it is not serious and gets better quickly but in some cases it may take longer to heal.

How does the vagina peel off?

The peeling of the perineal skin between the vagina and the anus is called perineal laceration. During delivery, when the baby’s head comes down towards the vagina and perineum, the thin skin here is pulled to push the baby out. If the skin is not fully stretched at this time, then the perineum may peel.

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when is it serious

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Perineum tear can occur due to vaginal delivery for the first time, large size of the baby, incorrect position at the time of delivery, pushing for hours, episiotomy or delivery with the help of forceps.

when to see the doctor

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If the perineum tear is red or swollen or foul-smelling, you may have an infection. You should talk to the doctor immediately.

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What can be the next delivery

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After the tear has completely healed, you will not face any problem due to this in your next delivery. But if you have any difficulty in passing stool, then you may face difficulties in normal delivery. Talk to your gynecologist about this.

when can you have sex

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You can have sex after the wound has completely healed. This can take anywhere from six weeks to a few months. How long it will take now depends on the severity of your wound. If the wound is not feeling better even after healing, then talk to the doctor about it.


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