Want a life like a princess for a daughter, so keep the name from the list of these cute names


For parents, their daughter is no less than a princess. Every parent raises their daughter like a princess. In such a situation, you can also give a name to your daughter which means princess. Here we are telling you some names with the meaning of princess.

baby names list in hindi

  • Kyra: This name starting with the letter ‘K’ would be great for your princess. Meaning of the name Kaira is Princess, Like the sun, Great, Ruler and Beautiful like a goddess.
  • Angel: You can also give this name to your daughter. Pari name meanings is Angel, Queen, Charitable and Princess.
  • Soha: This girl’s name starts with the letter ‘S’. Meaning of Soha is Sunrise, A star, Princess, Precious ornament and winner.

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baby names list 2021

  • Urvi: This name is very unique and you can name your princess-like daughter as Urvi. The meaning of name Urvi is princess and the earth.
  • Arya: The name starts with the letter ‘A’. If your daughter’s name is starting with letter ‘A’ then you can name her as Arya. Meaning of Arya is Precious, Princess, Goddess Parvati, Maa Durga and Kind woman.

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  • Direction : This name will also be very cute for a daughter. Disha name meanings is Somewhere or Side and Princess of the family.
  • Saina: This name is also very attractive. Saina name meanings is Princess, Reflection of Sai and Charming princess.
  • Tanya: The family member, Pari, Princess and the one with beautiful eyes is called Tanya. You can choose the name Tanya for your daughter.

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what should be the name of the daughter

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  • Amyra: This name for daughter is very unique and modern. The meaning of name Amyra is “princess”, “beautiful and beautiful”.
  • Rajvi: If your daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘R’ then you can name her Rajvi. Meaning of Rajvi is Queen, Princess, Ruler.
  • Revika: This girl’s name starts with the letter ‘R’. The meaning of name Revika is Like the rays of the sun and princess.

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  • Avantika: Meaning of this Hindu name is Holy place, Another name for earth, Princess of Ujjain. You can name your lovely daughter as Avantika.
  • Inspiration: If the name of the daughter is derived from the letter ‘P’, she can be named Preshna. Meaning of name Preshna is question, question and stubborn princess.
  • Sandvika : This lovely name means moon, beauty of the seasons, princess. You can name your daughter Reetvika.

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  • Sunvika: Maa Parvati and Goddess Lakshmi are also known as Sanvika. The meaning of name Sanvika is “princess”.
  • Shifali: The person who is always happy, cheerful and playful nature is called Shifali. If the daughter’s name is derived from the letter ‘S’, she can be named Shifali.


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