What is the effect on body scanner installed at airport, pregnant woman and baby?


Security checks at airports have been tightened following the 9/11 attacks in the US and the ever-increasing threat of terrorist attacks around the world. A body scanner has also been arranged here so that no person taking entry here should be able to escape from the investigation. But if you are pregnant, traveling on a plane due to security checks and body scanners can put you under stress. In fact, the radiation waves emitted by the scanner can harm your unborn baby, many believe. But is it really so. So let’s know how body scanners can affect your pregnancy.

What are airport scanners

Airport scanners are the best screening technique to detect potential hazards lurking in a person’s body or clothing. It also detects metal as well as non-metallic items including knives, explosive devices and weapons.

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Millimeter Radio Wave Scanner

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This special type of scanner is fitted at the airport. It looks like a booth. Where passengers stand with both their arms outstretched under it before taking entry into the airport. Inside the cabin, the person’s body is scanned using millimeter radio waves. The reflected rays are collected by the antenna for the image on the monitor. Since scanners do not use X-rays, they do not have much harmful effect on your growing fetus.

Backscatter scanners require people to stand between two large boxes with their arms raised. Low-intensity X-rays inside the scanner device capture an image of a person’s body within a few seconds. This scanner easily detects objects hidden under clothing or objects hidden on the surface of the skin.

Are airport scanners safe during pregnancy?

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According to researchers, airport scanners are completely safe for pregnant women. Whether it is a backscatter scanner or a millimeter radio wave.

You can safely pass through these during your pregnancy. Backscatter scanners use low-intensity electromagnetic waves to detect weapons or objects hidden inside a person’s clothing.

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damage to the fetus

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Due to the low intensity X-rays, your growing fetus will not be harmed by exposure to the airport scanner. Due to the low entrance level of the electrical magnetic waves, it cannot cause any significant harm to your body. Similarly, millimeters also do no harm to both you and your unborn baby.

what can you do

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If you’re still concerned about the security of the scanner and feel uncomfortable passing them, you can recommend a physical pat down search from Security. In this type of search, a female officer strokes your body, especially on the breast and stomach. If that’s what you want, get to the airport a little early, as this process takes a lot of time.


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