Wheezing symptoms in child: Such a sound comes from the child’s throat while breathing, so be careful


Often a wheezing or whistling sound is heard in young children while breathing. When the throat and nasal tubes of children become thin due to some reason, the air comes out like a whistle while coming out. Which makes a sound like this. In about 30% of children, wheezing is caused by asthma, infection, GERD, or allergies.

Why wheezing in children

Children’s windpipe is thin. When this tube becomes thinner due to an infection, the air comes out like a whistling sound, which is called weasing. Babies take deep and slow breaths while sleeping. There is a sound like this while exhaling.

Types of Weasing

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If your child makes such a sound due to exposure to any kind of pollution, dust, small pieces of hair, then it may be due to allergies and asthma.

If your baby makes a sudden sound like this, it could be due to an infection in the respiratory tract. If the child has this problem since birth, then there may be some kind of problem in the anatomy of the child.

due to weasing

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Viral and bacterial infections can be the cause of weasing in young children. Infections caused by viruses and bacteria, such as diseases like bronchitis, asthma, allergies, pneumonia, also make such sounds. Some children are allergic to certain things.

For example, this problem has been seen in children even when they come in contact with small pieces of hair, animal hair, dust mites, flower pollen, etc. Some children have some defects or diseases from the time of birth, such as – asthma, cystic fibrosis, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), heart disease, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, all these diseases can also cause weasing in children, for this doctor Proper advice from

symptoms of weasing

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When babies start breathing fast and there is a lot of movement in their abdominal muscles, then it is a symptom of weasing. Along with this, the muscles of the throat of some children become too tight.

Due to lack of oxygen reaching inside, their skin starts turning yellow and sometimes even red. Cough comes while breathing. Symptoms of cold and fever also appear. Sweat begins. There is burning and itching in the eyes. Stomach also remains bad. Along with this, pain in throat and chest has also been seen in children.

When Can Weezing Symptoms Be Dangerous?

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Sometimes it can be very dangerous. For example, if children have weasing while eating, then it should be understood that some food particles are stuck in their nose or windpipe. If your baby skips meals and does not sleep well, the symptoms of weasing during this time can be dangerous. If the fever is high then these symptoms can be very dangerous. You should immediately consult a doctor.

This can be a serious problem. Doctor’s advice is very important in this. The doctor gives you antibiotics and some medicines. Also, sometimes surgery is also needed in some children. You should keep a humidity fire running in your home. So that the air of the house remains clean and the children get rest. Taking any kind of decision without the advice of a doctor can be dangerous.


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