When the child started shouting in public, the embarrassed parents should do this work immediately


is it normal for a baby to cry

It is a part of a child’s emotional development. This habit is seen in two to three year old children. Children can do this for a few seconds to minutes.

It is common for children to behave like this every day. 87% of toddlers between 18 months and 24 months show their tantrums by shouting.

91% of toddlers in the age group of 30 months to 36 months do this.

Next we are telling you how such behavior of children can be controlled or managed.

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not sick baby

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First of all, check whether the child is suffering from pain or any other problem. Children may cry repeatedly due to fever, severe toothache and ear infection. In such a situation, the child should talk to the doctor.


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If your child yells to have fun or get your attention, you can distract him and stop him from doing so. It is very easy to distract children.

Point at anything around you and ask the child to look at it. You can distract the child by showing cute things like a cloud or a kitten.

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recognize the frustration

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Frustration and frustration can also cause children to cry. If you are noticing these emotional feelings inside the child, then do not make the mistake of ignoring them, but by working on them, you can stop this problem from growing.

If your child shouts in the park and does not allow other children to swing, then you explain to him that it is wrong to do so. Spend some time with the child and talk lovingly. The child will gradually stop doing this.

Make some rules and routines

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For any kind of situation, you have to make some rules and stick to them. When you feel that the baby is about to cry, then only put a condition in front of him so that his screaming behavior can be stopped.

Children do not know right and wrong and they will learn from you what they should and should not do. You explain to the child that what he is doing is wrong.


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