Will eating saffron during pregnancy give birth to a really fair baby? what do you think yourself


Pregnancy is a very important stage in a woman’s life. At this time, he gets to hear many unheard things about his diet. At the same time, advice is also available to have a fair child.

It is believed that drinking saffron milk during pregnancy gives birth to a fair baby, but do you really know that this happens?

Does saffron really make the complexion fair?

During pregnancy, mothers consume saffron milk because it is believed that saffron lightens the child’s complexion. However, there is no scientific evidence to prove that eating saffron during pregnancy has such an effect.

But it is necessary that eating saffron definitely improves the health and tone of the skin, so you can consume saffron during pregnancy as well as during the rest of the days.

Benefits of drinking saffron milk during pregnancy

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Milk contains a lot of protein and calcium which is considered essential in pregnancy. The problem of flatulence is removed by drinking saffron milk during pregnancy. It also improves appetite.

Pregnancy causes mood swings and depression. Saffron milk works to reduce depression in such a situation.

Saffron milk also helps in relieving acidity and digestive problems in pregnant women.

how to make saffron milk

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You can eat saffron in sweets or biryani. Milk is the best way to consume saffron daily. Heat the milk lightly and add two to three strands of saffron to it. Wait a few seconds and see the color of the milk is changing. This shows that saffron is dissolving in the milk. You can drink lukewarm saffron milk.

what happens if you eat too much saffron

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It is important to be careful while consuming saffron during pregnancy. Eating too much saffron can increase the risk of miscarriage. You should not eat more than 5 grams of saffron in a day during pregnancy.

What are the properties of saffron

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Saffron contains vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, manganese, thiamine and riboflavin. Saffron promotes digestion by reducing gas and acidity. Saffron helps in reducing cramps during pregnancy. Saffron has anti-inflammatory properties which help in treating respiratory diseases. It widens the airways and reduces inflammation of the lungs.

Saffron has the ability to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Taking saffron daily in milk improves health.

Saffron removes diseases

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Saffron is supposed to cure cold and cough. It acts as an expectorant and reduces inflammation during cold and cough.

Saffron is also known to brighten the face. Mixing saffron with milk can make a skin toner. Saffron also has anti-oxidant properties that slow down the aging process.


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