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If your son’s name is derived from the letter ‘G’ or the first letter of his name is ‘G’, then you must be looking for his name in the list of names with the letter ‘C’. Here we are telling you the names of boys starting with the letter ‘C’. You will definitely like one of these names for your son.

c to boy names

  • Gagan : In the 90s, this name starting with the letter ‘G’ was very popular. The meaning of name Gagan is “sky, amber and sky”.
  • Gagnesh: Lord Shiva is known as Gaganesh. You can also give this cute name of Shiva to your son.

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c letter name boy list

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  • Ganesha : Nothing could be more auspicious for a son than this. Lord Shiva’s son’s name is Ganesh ji. The name of Ganesh ji is definitely taken before any auspicious work.
  • proud: You can also give a proud name to your son. The meaning of name Garvit is one to be proud of, one to be proud of. If your son’s name is derived from the letter ‘G’, you can give him a proud name.
  • Gaurang: A person with fair complexion is called Gauranga. The name Gaurang would be a good name for your son.

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  • Pride : One can also keep the name Gaurav if the son’s name starts with the letter ‘G’. 20 years ago today, the name Gaurav was also very much liked for boys. Gaurav name meanings is Glory, Dignity and Honor.
  • Girish: The king of the mountains and the deity who lives in the mountains is called Girish. You can also choose the name Girish for your son.
  • Girik: Lord Shiva is considered paramount in the world. Lord Shiva is also known as Girik. You can name your son Girik.

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c to boy name list

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  • Govil: If your son’s name is derived from the letter ‘G’, then you can name him Govil. The meaning of name Govil is honourable, respected and revered.
  • Grahil: Lord Krishna is known as Grahil. You can name your son Grahil. If you believe in Lord Krishna, then you can choose a Grahil name for him.
  • Kritik : You must have heard this name very rarely. The meaning of name Gritik is “mountain and mountain”.

name boys with the letter c

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  • Gitesh: The God and Lord of music is called Gitesh. If the son’s name is derived from the letter ‘G’, you can name him Gitesh.
  • Teacher : The teacher, the priest and the person who teaches the tricks are called gurus. You can also keep your son’s nick name as Guru.
  • Gurdeep: The source of light and the master of light is called Gurdeep. You can also call it Punjabi or Sikh name.

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  • Guru Dutt: Those whose son’s name is derived from the letter ‘G’, they can also choose the name Guru Dutt from this list. The meaning of name Gurudutt is “given by the guru”.
  • Gaurish: Lord Shiva is also called Gaurish. Hardly to find a better name for a son than Gaurish.


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