You can lift a child in pregnancy, but it may be heavy at this time.


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Can I hold baby in pregnancy

Depending on the weight of the toddler and for how long you have to carry him, whether you can hold the baby in pregnancy or not.

Carrying a baby in the third trimester of pregnancy can be unsafe. It is okay to carry the baby in the first trimester of pregnancy, but in the second trimester, you should lift the baby only if its weight is less than 13 kg.

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what could be the dangers

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There are some risks involved in lifting the baby while bending down during pregnancy. If you are pregnant then you should know whether you should carry your baby in your lap at this time or not.

When you put pressure on the body during pregnancy, you feel tired. Carrying a child in the lap also puts pressure on the body due to its weight. Too much pressure on the body can lead to miscarriage.

injury may occur

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Due to the pressure on the body and fatigue, your ability to carry the baby is also affected. There is also the possibility of you falling which can cause injury.

Carrying a baby in your lap during pregnancy can also lead to many other problems such as high blood pressure, vertigo etc.

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how to lift

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You can safely carry the baby by taking care of some things, such as:

  • Do not lift the baby in your arms when you are tired or have trouble breathing.
  • A child weighing more than 13 kg should not be carried in the lap.
  • You can sit and hold the baby in your lap.
  • When you hold the baby, there should be someone around you.
  • Do not walk with the child in your lap and only hold it for a while.
  • While lifting in the lap, keep the knees bent and there should be no pressure on your stomach or back.
  • Do not make any jerky movements suddenly while lifting the baby in your lap.

talk to the doctor

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You keep talking to the doctor about your health and keep checking sugar and blood sugar level. Don’t make the mistake of holding the baby in your arms without consulting the doctor.

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