Your husband does this job, so it is difficult for you to be pregnant, day by day fertility decreases


the effect of working in a hot environment

Yes, testicles make the best sperm in cold temperatures. At the same time, working in the heat such as working in a bakery can increase the temperature of the testicles, which is enough to harm the production of sperm. In this, your sperm may become less or the sperm that are formed may be less healthy.

Sitting for a long time can also increase the heat in the testicles. If you do the job of sitting all day, which can affect the quality of your sperm.

At the same time, driving a car for a long time, such as a taxi driver, can also cause fertility problems due to the vibration of the car.

Keeping a laptop on your lap can also increase the temperature of the testicles. If possible, work by keeping the laptop on the table.

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Some pesticides are used in agriculture, which are considered to have effects like estrogen. This means that they can reduce your fertility.

However, in most studies in Europe and the US, modern insecticides have not shown any adverse effects on male fertility.

heavy metal

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Exposure to certain types of heavy metals can reduce fertility. Lead and cadmium have been found to affect the quality of sperm. Lead lowers sperm count.

There is little evidence about the effects of mercury and manganese, but it can still have a negative effect on fertility.

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Radiation can worsen fertility

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It depends on the type of radiation. X-rays and gamma rays have been found to reduce sperm count.

However, if you work in ionizing radiation, then you should strictly follow the rule of exposure to small amounts of radiation, otherwise the production of sperm in your body may be affected.

What are the preventive measures

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If you do the job of sitting for a long time, then keep taking breaks in between. Walking for a few minutes helps the testicles to cool down.

You wear loose clothes. If you work with harmful chemicals, strictly follow the guidelines.

If you use any dangerous chemical or heavy metal powder, then definitely take a bath after coming home.

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