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Famous Food Joints In Delhi-NCR: South Indian food is also very famous in the country’s capital Delhi. But till many years ago, people used to gather at the Madras Hotel in Delhi’s Connaught Place and South Indian dish stalls at INA Market to eat. People used to go to INA to eat sambar as many times as they want. Now, South Indian catering corners and restaurants have opened all over Delhi. People like this food because the use of oil is very less in them, it is digestible in other food. Today we are taking you to such a South Indian restaurant, which was opened by people belonging to South India and served the better taste of South to the people. Their artisans are also South Indian, so people show their affinity in the food here.

There are 18 varieties of dosas, ranging from paper to paneer dosa.
Rohini Residential Colony in North West Delhi is one of the famous residential areas which have been systematically settled by the government. Such a large residential colony was earlier considered as Janakpuri and after Rohini is now known as Dwarka. There is a South Indian restaurant named ‘Madras Cafe’ on Sector-7, Main Road of Rohini Colony, whose food will really take you very close to South Indian food. About one and a half dozen varieties of dosas are available in this restaurant.

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There are different flavors from Plain Dosa to Masala, Paneer, Onion, Butter Paneer, Mysore. The specialty is that any dosa eaten, its taste will be absolutely South Indian. Neither Punjabi flavor nor North Indian food will be seen in this food.

Hot sambar and coconut and tomato chutney tie the knot
Apart from dosa, the restaurant also has idli, vada and uttapam. In addition to the hot tadka sambar, you will also get spicy chutney of coconut and tomato. Whether you eat plain dosa or paper or rava dosa. Your tongue will like the different taste of each one. The fragrance emanating from the hot sambhar will tell that it has been prepared with many spices. Every single dish is fresh and delicious. You will feel that by coming here you have really tasted the taste of South Indian food.

The price of dosa starts from Rs.80 and dosa is available for Rs.180. There are many types of Uttapam, which include Onion, Tomato, Paneer, Mix Veg. Their price ranges from Rs 110 to Rs 160. A plate of Idli or Vada is available for Rs.60.

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dosa 3

10 years ago South Indian family started this restaurant
This restaurant is known for South Indian food in North West Delhi. About 10 years ago this restaurant was started by Anna Palpandi. He says that we had the same work in the South as well. When he came to Delhi, he started this work. Even today we order some spices from Chennai itself. We have maintained the South Indian flavor of our dish, not adding the taste of Delhi food to it. Fresh food is prepared daily, so that people can enjoy. Nowadays, son Rajkumar is also helping together. All the artisans in the restaurant are all South Indian. The restaurant opens at 9:30 in the morning and remains there till 10:30 in the night. There is no holiday.

Nearest metro stations: East Rohini and West Rohini

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