Babru Recipe: Enjoy Himachal’s famous dish Babru in snacks, it is ready instantly


Babru Recipe: Everyone knows about the beautiful plains of Himachal Pradesh, but few people must have tasted the food items there. Although many veg, non-veg food items of Himachal Pradesh are very much liked by the tourists going there, but today we are going to tell you how to make the famous food dish Babru there. Babru is ready as soon as Kachori is made in many states of North India. Be it breakfast or snacks, it can be a great food dish. It is also quite easy to make it at home. Black gram dal is used to make Himachali food dish Babru. Black gram dal is stuffed the most, after which it is rolled and deep fried.

This is an easy food recipe to be prepared in very less time. If you are a foodie and do not hesitate to try different food dishes, then Baburu can be a great recipe for you. You will also like its taste very much.

Ingredients for making Babru
Flour – 1 kg
Chana dal – 1/2 kg
Baking Powder – 1/2 tsp
Salt – as per taste

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How to make Babru
To make Babru, the famous food dish of Himachal Pradesh, first take gram dal and soak it in hot water and keep it overnight. When the lentils are well cooked, drain all the water and clean the lentils. After this, take a pan and add lentils to it and fry it. Fry the dal well till its water dries up completely. After this, grind the lentils and prepare its paste.

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Now take the flour and add salt, baking soda as per taste and mix it well. After this, add water little by little and knead it well. Now prepare small balls of dough and prepare the prepared paste of lentils by filling them in each circle. After that roll it like a chapati. Prepare Babru in this way from all the dough one by one. After that deep fry them in oil. When they turn golden brown, take them out in a plate. In this way your delicious Babru is ready. It can be served with any vegetable.

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