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Broccoli and healthy blood circulation: When the blood circulation in the body does not work properly, the risk of heart attack or stroke increases. Blood circulation not working properly means that there is some problem in the blood vessels or blood vessels. TOI Usually, when fatty sticky substances or calcium start accumulating in the inner parts of the blood vessels, then problems start in the blood vessels. This reduces the flow of blood in the body. According to a research published in the British Journal of Nutrition, the problems of blood vessels can be reduced by the consumption of cruciferous vegetables.

In a study conducted on 684 women in Australia, it has been revealed that vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts greatly reduce the risk of heart-related diseases in elderly women. Researchers from the University of Western Australia reported that women who regularly consumed cauliflower-type vegetables had negligible calcium deposits in their arteries.

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Cauliflower, Cauliflower Effect
Lead researcher Dr. Lauren Blekkenhorst said that in the study, surprising effects of cauliflower variety of vegetables have been seen. Dr. Laurian said that in our first study also it was concluded that people who consume cauliflower variety of vegetables, the risk of heart-related diseases is greatly reduced in them. But then we didn’t know how it happened.

In this study, the process that happens in the body after the consumption of broccoli has been revealed in detail. Dr. Laurian said that when we analyzed the study, it was found that women who consumed broccoli or cauliflower or cabbage every day, did not have calcium deposits in their arteries.

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Inhibits the deposition of calcium in blood vessels
The study found that vitamin K is found in cabbage family vegetables, which does not allow calcium to be deposited in blood vessels. Dr. Laurian has said that women who consumed 45 grams of vegetables like cabbage daily, their chances of calcium deposition in the arteries decreased by 46 percent. However, this does not mean that eating only broccoli, cauliflower vegetables reduces the risk of calcium deposition, but we should consume many types of green vegetables.

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