BTS’s Favorite Meal: BTS’s favorite dish is served at Busan Korean restaurant in Delhi


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BTS’s Favourite Dish: There are a large number of fans of South Korea’s band BTS all over the world. People are interested in his looks, style and songs as well as want to know everything about his personal life. Today we will tell his ‘Fan Army’ about his favorite dish. Along with this, they will also tell you where and how you can eat that special meal.

According to Kang Sun-ja, owner of Yoojung Sikdang restaurant, the Bangtan Boys, who spread the craze of Korean Pop in the world, during their training, whenever their restaurants used to come, mostly the same. Used to order the dish. Whose name is Bibimbap. It is now also known as Bangton Bibimbap. You can also try this dish. Now you must be thinking that for this you may have to go to Korea, but let us tell you that you can eat this meal in Delhi. Actually, Manjnu Ka Tila present in the capital is such a place where BTS fans can go and taste the favorite dish of their favorite band.

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Let us tell you that the name of this restaurant is ‘Busan Korean Restaurant’. From this restaurant you can also see the famous Signature Bridge of Delhi. In this restaurant, you can enjoy Bibimbap dish in the traditional way of Korea, that is, according to Korean tradition, you have to take off your shoes and sit down to eat.

Busan Korean restaurant is in ‘Majnu Ka Tila’ of Delhi. (Image- YouTube/Sisters vs Globe)

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If we talk about the dish, then ‘Bibimbap / Bibimbap’ is a very healthy dish. It is prepared with lots of vegetables, rice and eggs. It is not very spicy. You can order this dish at this place for just Rs.350. If you are also a fan of BTS, then you can tag the members of BTS band by taking a picture of this dish and posting it on social media.

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