Burfi Paratha Recipe: Have not tried Barfi Paratha yet, prepare it like this at home


How To Make Burfi Paratha: With the arrival of any festival, the process of sweets starts coming in the homes. Sometimes it happens that a large quantity of sweets is left. In such a situation, when you do not feel like eating sweets traditionally, then you can also use it to make a different type of barfi paratha. This paratha can be prepared very easily. We are going to tell you about the ingredients required to prepare it and the method of making it.

Ingredients for making Barfi Paratha
Khoya Barfi – 8-10 pieces
Cardamom powder – pinch

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How to make Barfi Paratha
First of all take khoya barfi.
– Mash them well. Then mix cardamom powder in it.
Now make a ball of dough and roll it a little thick.
Keep a mix of meth barfi in the middle.

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Now close it like a paratha by folding it from all four sides.
Now roll it and put it on the pan to bake.
Roast the paratha till it turns brown from both the sides.
Then apply desi ghee on it and bake till it turns golden brown.

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