Do not make these mistakes while using the fridge, the risk of spoilage increases soon


Fridge Maintenance tips: Whether it is summer season or winter, fridge has become an essential necessity in our homes. These days housewives cannot even imagine working in the kitchen without a fridge. It is also very important that the refrigerator works properly at all times. For this, fridge cleaning is done in between. Let us tell you that it is very important for the refrigerator to serve properly for a long time because nowadays fridges are very expensive. In such a situation, if they get spoiled soon, then it directly affects our pocket. Fridge usually has problems like compressor failure, wiring problems or cooling gas leaking.
Apart from this, the handling of the refrigerator also affects its working life. Today we are going to tell you about some common mistakes, due to which there is a risk of spoilage of the fridge quickly. If you also make these mistakes, then stop repeating the mistakes immediately to increase the shelf life of the fridge.

1. A common reason for the quick spoilage of the fridge is the stuffing of the goods more than its storage capacity. It is in our habit that the fridge is used to store everything. Try to keep as much stuff in the fridge which can be easily removed or kept. Make full use of all parts of the fridge, but avoid overloading it.

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2. Many times the door of the fridge is not able to close completely due to excessive stuff in the fridge or due to our mistake. It may seem closed at a glance but it is not able to close properly. This also increases the risk of quick spoilage of the fridge. Actually, due to the refrigerator door being open, the outside heat comes into the fridge. This increases the temperature of the fridge. The compressor has to exert more force to cool the refrigerator.
3. To increase the working life of the refrigerator, it is very important to take care of it. Sometimes things fall in the fridge. When it is not cleaned properly, due to dirt, fungus can occur in many parts of the fridge. Which can spoil the refrigerator’s accessories as well as the door, shelf edge and interior parts of the fridge. In such a situation, it is necessary that the refrigerator should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a week.
4. Always keep in mind that do not keep hot food or hot milk directly in the fridge. Continuous practice of this type has a direct effect on the shelf life of the fridge. Before storing anything in the fridge, check its temperature.

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5. While using the fridge, keep in mind that the socket for the power plug is right which can take the load of the fridge. Along with this, necessary arrangements should also be made to deal with the problem of voltage. This increases the working life of the fridge.

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