Eat Saffron Cashew Pistachio Barfi after dinner, you will forget the sweets of the market


How To Make Kesar Kaju Pista Barfi: Who doesn’t like sweet food? If you get to eat something sweet after dinner, you feel satiety. In such a situation, instead of bringing sweets from outside, make Kesar Cashew Pistachio Barfi which dissolves as soon as you keep it in your mouth. Every bite will have such a wonderful taste of sweetness, saffron, cashew and pistachio that you will enjoy it. You can make it by following very easy recipe. If you are learning cooking then try this. The foodies will never tire of praising you.

What is needed to make Kesar Kaju Pista Barfi?
Cashew – 1 Cup Cashew
Pistachio – 1 cup (1 Cup Pistachio)
cup sugar powder
Desi Ghee
Mawa – 200 grams

How to make Kesar Cashew Pista Barfi
To make Kesar Cashew Pista Barfi, first heat ghee in a pan and add cashews and pistachios and roast them for one to two minutes. After this, put both of these in a mixer and grind them finely.

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Now put a pan on the gas and fry the mawa. When the mawa becomes light golden, let it cool down. After this, add ground cashew nuts and pistachios to it. After this, add boora to it and mix it with hands. Make the mixture soft. After this take a plate and grease it with ghee. Now spread the mixture well on this plate and keep it to cool down. When the barfi freezes, cut it into desired shape. After this, garnish it with saffron, finely chopped cashews and pistachios.

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