Enjoy asafetida potato vegetable and paneer pakodas, taste the taste of ‘New Raj Kachori Bhandar’ in Tilak Nagar


Delhi Food Joints: (Dr. Rameshwar Dayal) Bread Pakoda, which is eaten in Delhi and across the country, is such an item that will fill your stomach and also taste good.
Will enjoy This is a dish that tempts the foodies. Most of the shops serve bread pakodas with sweet and sour chutney. Today we introduce you to Paneer Pakoda
are getting it done. If so, this bread is a pakoda, but it has been made very tasty by adding cheese and spices inside it. In the shop where we are talking to you, you can make asafetida potato with paneer pakodas.
Vegetables are served, along with fenugreek chutney and green chili pickle are also served. Whenever you go, you will be seen waiting for the hot paneer pakodas to be eaten at this shop.

Paneer Pakoda is amazing

You will see a board of ‘New Raj Kachori’ in Shivaji Market near Tilak Nagar metro station in Tilak Nagar. This is the only shop where you can get great Paneer Pakoda. Many chutneys to eat at this shop
There are items, but first let’s talk about paneer pakodas. You already know that the roll of bread slices is important in this type of dumplings. There you will find that there is a thin layer of spiced potatoes in the middle of the bread.
A piece of cheese of about 60 grams is kept with it. Then this bread is dipped in a thick batter of gram flour. After that it is left in hot oil in the pan.

When it becomes slightly crispy, it is taken out and served to the customers. Along with this dumpling, potato curry, fenugreek chutney and green chili pickle filled with the aroma of asafoetida are also given. The combination of all these will produce a different taste of paneer pakodas. The cost of this one dumpling is 30 rupees. The potato-filled bread dumplings found here cost Rs 20.

The cost of one paneer pakode found here is 30 rupees.

five small shortbread with vegetables

There is also fun in this shop filled with sweet-smelling shortbread. But you will be surprised that here five kachoris are also found together. Their size is small. Together with five kachoris, potato curry, fenugreek chutney and chilli pickle are also given on demand. The cost of these five kachoris is also 30 rupees. Big shortbread is also available in the shop. Small kachoris are plain from inside, but urad lentils are filled in this shortbread. It looks puffy when fried. Two shortbread with potato curry etc. can be eaten for Rs 35.

A single samosa worth Rs 12 is also available at the shop. It is also served with vegetables. A samosa costs Rs 12. Its taste is also amazing. When you eat so spicy, it should also be sweet. In summers, lassi can be tasted cold. This lassi with small kulhad is available for Rs.30. One can enjoy hot gulab jamuns here throughout the winter. He gets it for Rs.15.
The taste of Old Delhi remains intact
For years, this shop was earlier running in the Azad Market area of ​​Old Delhi. According to the shop owner Sandeep Rathod, when the flyover started being built there, the work remained negligible. In view of this, a shop was opened here about 11 years ago. The taste of Old Delhi was liked by the people and our shop started running. They say that our dishes are not spicy at all. Children also come to the shop and enjoy our dishes.

bread pakoda 03

Earlier this shop operated in the Azad Market area of ​​Old Delhi.

He said that even now we bring spices from Khari Baoli market in Old Delhi and grind them ourselves. Cleanliness is taken care of. Work starts at 8 am in the shop and these dishes can be enjoyed till 8 pm. Vacation is not.

Nearest Metro Station: Tilak Nagar

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