Garam masala is used in food, know its disadvantages along with benefits


Garam Masala Effects: Garam Masala is commonly used to enhance the taste of home food. There is hardly any house where garam masala is not used in food. Whether it is veg food or non-veg food, without garam masala, the taste of food cannot be made. Garam masala holds an important place in Indian food. Although garam masala is full of many properties and is beneficial for the body, but sometimes its excessive use can also put you in trouble. It can give rise to many diseases. We tell you about both the advantages and disadvantages of garam masala.

benefits of garam masala

Cold and cough – With the change in weather, as the coldness increases, it becomes common to have cold, cough and cold during this time. early stages of such diseases
Drinking a decoction of cloves, black pepper and cinnamon is beneficial.

Aids in digestion People like to eat more oily dishes like Pakoda, Papad and Bhature in monsoon. In this season, their digestion is weak due to Mandagni.
It happens. To reduce such problems, garam masala is used.

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Pain and swelling Garam masala has anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, they play an important role in reducing inflammation and pain.

For diabetes- Along with cumin in the food, there are other essential ingredients which are very important in terms of diabetic patients. It acts as an anti-diabetic agent.

Antioxidants – Garam masala is rich in antioxidants. It is also helpful in removing skin related problems.

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disadvantages of garam masala
We all know that garam masala is very beneficial for health, but sometimes it can also harm the body. Continuous and excessive use of garam masala can cause many diseases. Because of this, problems like piles (hemorrhoids), burning sensation in the heart, acidity and burning sensation in the stomach can arise.

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