Grow beneficial fenugreek easily in the kitchen garden, follow this easy method


Tips To Grow Fenugreek Or Methi In Kitchen Garden: The winter season has arrived and in this season there is a lot of green leafy vegetables. It is not possible to talk about green vegetables and not to mention fenugreek. Fenugreek Along with being a vegetable, it is also a medicine. Its medicinal properties relieve joint pain and many problems. Along with this, fenugreek is also used in making many dishes. Apart from the leaves of fenugreek, the grains are also very useful. It was used in the prevention of diseases ranging from stomach diseases to diabetes.

If you are fresh and pure Fenugreek If you want to taste its leaves, then with these easy ways (Tips To Grow Fenugreek) you can grow fenugreek in your kitchen garden and enjoy green leafy vegetable.

Tips To Grow Fenugreek- How To Grow Fenugreek At Home
Fenugreek can be easily grown in the kitchen garden as well. Rather, fenugreek grows more easily than any other vegetable. You can grow fenugreek in the garden or anything in a pot with the help of fenugreek seeds used in the kitchen. It germinates very quickly.

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how to grow fenugreek in pot

To grow fenugreek in a pot, take moist soil in the pot, now pour Fenugreek seeds on it. Leave a space of about a quarter inch between each fenugreek seed. Now cover the fenugreek seeds with a light soil layer. Sprinkle little water, so that the soil becomes completely wet. Spray water on it every day so that the seeds do not dry up and keep getting moisture.

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You will see that the fenugreek sprouts have sprouted on the third day itself. Just give water every day and keep the pot in the sun. Fenugreek leaves become worth cutting within 15 days. If you want a slightly bigger leaf, cut it after a few days. Fenugreek becomes very big in about 25 days. Fenugreek can be grown except in very hot summers (40 °C) and very cold (snow freezing).

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