Hari Om’s chole-bhature is drenched with ‘Punjabiat’, Lassi will also increase the taste of the mouth


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(Dr. Rameshwar Dayal)

Hari OM Chole Bhature: If you want to eat Chole-Bhatura drenched with ‘Punjabiat’ Also, if you have to drink lassi to ‘adjust’ this dish in the stomach, then today you are taken to a shop in North-West Delhi. The waters of this shop are evident from the fact that the boys of food supply companies will be found standing at this shop. The taste of the chickpeas of the shop is on people’s tongues that the chickpeas are made only in hot spices. That’s why they are awesome. Seeing it blooming in the vegetation there also makes the eyes ‘glitter’. The fact that this shop is famous is also evident from the fact that shops with similar names are open nearby.

Chole is made only with hot spices
The name of this shop is ‘Hari Om Chole-Bhature’. This shop is at the corner of Lancers Convent School in A Block of Prashant Vihar Colony, opposite Pitampura Colony on Outer Ring Road. By the way, Dahi-Bhalle (80 rupees plate) is also available at this shop. But it is additional. The real water is that of Chole-Bhatura. Its cost is Rs 90 plate. Both the brothers of the shop claim that the taste of chickpeas is different. Red chili is not used in these chole. It is made tasty only with hot spices. To make chickpeas more delicious, pomegranate is added instead of amchur. There, the mouth gets watery after seeing the hot and puffed bhaturas fried in the vegetation. Chopped onions, green chutney, pickles and stuffed green chillies are also served along with these chole-bhaturas, which enhance the taste of this dish.

The mouth gets watery after seeing the hot and puffed bhaturas fried in the vegetable.

All goods are disposed of by 3:30 pm
Now if you have eaten Chole-Bhatura, then if you have lassi to set them in the stomach, then what to say. Lassi is made in the shop and put it in the fridge. If you demand, even thick and cold lassi will be offered immediately. There is a token system in the shop. You can eat half a plate of Chole-Bhatura, but they will not be packed and given. This rule does not apply to senior citizens. The goods of the shop are famous because the food company is also included in the list and the boys of these companies will be seen standing there all the time. Work starts at eight in the morning and all the goods are disposed of at around 3:30 in the afternoon.

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Special care is taken to preserve the Punjabi taste
This shop was started by Subhash Malik in the year 1999. Then along with the younger brother Harish Malik also took over the command of the shop. They say that we have maintained the Punjabi taste from the beginning and have always paid attention to quality and never compromised on it. The raw material is always taken from reputed companies and special care is taken while preparing the dish that there is no loss in taste. By the way, his words also seem to have merit because shops similar to the name of his shop have opened nearby. The shop has a holiday on the last Tuesday of every month.

Nearest Metro Station: Pitampura


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