If juicy chicken is not made then marinate like this, it will be soft and tasty like a restaurant


Tips To Marinate Chicken At Home : Non-veg fans often search for new recipes for making chicken on social media, but when they try it in their kitchen, the chicken does not become as soft and tasty as shown in the videos. In such a situation, it is natural to have Kuft. Actually, no cook wants to tell the secret ingredient of his recipes. The same happens with chicken marination. So let us tell you some such secret tips here, with the help of which you will be able to make very tasty and soft chicken at home. If you make chicken by following these tips, then your family and friends will not get tired of praising you. So let us know what things should be kept in mind while marinating chicken.

Know the Marination

There are two types of preparation of chicken. One is dry and the other is wet i.e. curry. If you are making dry recipe, then you will have to use dry spices for this, while for curry you can use curd, buttermilk etc.

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These are the special tips for marinating chicken

Whenever you want to make chicken, take out at least half an hour for marination.

You include things like spices, herbs etc. with different ingredients like oil. This brings out the flavor of chicken.

Before marinating the chicken, wash it thoroughly and remove its water thoroughly. Better if you wipe. By doing this the ingredients are well set on the chicken.

Always take fresh spices or herbs for marination. Never take old spices. It will not taste.

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Add two to three spoons of oil with spices.

At least half an hour and maximum time of 10 hours is enough for chicken marination.

If you want to marinate for more than 5 hours, then marinate in a glass airtight container. This will not spoil the taste. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned specialist before following these.)

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