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Delhi NCR Food Outlets: (Dr. Rameshwar Dayal) South Extension, the southern area of ​​the capital Delhi, is counted in the super posh areas. This area is both residential and commercial, as well as educational institutions are also plentiful here. A few years ago, students used to visit the photostat shop of the family of 30-year-old Shivangi Vohra, who lived here. He used to ask himself, what has Auntie made? She would say that if Rajma-rice has been made today, or parathas are being made, then the students would say that if you feed auntie, then it is right. They would eat and praise Auntie’s food. The family members told Shivangi that your food is highly appreciated, just open any tray of food and drink. He opened the paratha. These parathas wrapped in Punjabi taste and familiarity are gone. Today, parathas of so much variety are available at this shop that they are rarely found anywhere else in Delhi.

Veg, non veg parathas available

South Ex is situated on the side of Ring Road. There is a restaurant ‘No.1 Uncle’s Parathan’ in F Block located in its Part-1. What is a restaurant, it is just a paratha meal. Traditional parathas like potato, onion, cabbage, mix and paneer are available, apart from this, peas, tomatoes, maggi, bikaneri, punjabi, lentils, chillies, carom seeds, mint, chili garlic, cheese and their mixes are there. Apart from this, their special parathas like dry fruits paratha, khoya shahi sweet paratha and pizza flavored cheese-chili-garlic paratha will also be available.

Another specialty of this restaurant is that not only egg paratha is available here, as well as chicken and mutton paratha will also be available. People like them a lot too. Apart from this, there is also egg paratha.

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There are 80 varieties of parathas.

About 80 varieties of parathas are available in this restaurant. The taste in the parathas here is also different and alive because special types of spices are added to the stuffed in it. When this stuffed paratha is baked in oil on a tawa, the spices give off a distinct taste. This taste of spices is the USP of their parathas. While making chicken or mutton parathas, specially cooked non-veg is mixed with spices and mashed completely. Only after that they are stuffed into parathas.

About 80 varieties of parathas are available in this restaurant.

These parathas will be crispy from outside and soft from inside. While serving hot parathas, they are accompanied by green chutney made by the restaurants themselves, green chilli pickle and small butter tikkis. The cost of a paratha ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 180.

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Research of Paratha Tasting from all over Delhi

Shivangi Vohra has full responsibility of this restaurant. Her husband Ankush Vohra helps her. We have already told how he started the restaurant. According to Shivangi, before opening the paratha restaurant, he inquired about the parathas sold all over Delhi. Go from Old Delhi to Yamunapar and eat parathas and test their variety and taste. After that he prepared his own spices and offered them ‘Bharkar’ of Punjabi flavor in the parathas. People liked it. Started in the year 2016, this restaurant starts serving parathas at 8 in the morning and is available till 4 in the next morning. There is no holiday. This restaurant also has a branch near Malviya Nagar and Akshardham.

Nearest Metro Station: South Extension

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