Include 5 types of these tasty veg cutlets in evening tea


Evening Snacks, Winter Diet: If you get light snacks to eat in the evening tea (Tea Time Snacks) or coffee, then it becomes a matter of fact. You have many options for preparing tea-time snacks. Nevertheless, the question of what is different in the menu every day causes great trouble to the eclipsers. If you too are tired of eating samosas and kachoris, then we bring you five types of veg cutlets that will not only make your evening tea manifold delicious but will top your menu.

Apart from the cutlets of Sooji, you can include many other types of veg cutlets in the evening tea. Let’s know about them…

1. Semolina Cutlets
The fun of eating snacks in the evening is something else. By including Sooji cutlet in your list, you will add another option for everyone. Which everyone will like very much. Sooji cutlet is very easy to prepare. You can make it even more delicious and healthy by adding seasonal vegetables to it. You can enjoy semolina cutlet with hot tea.

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2. Rice Cutlets
Rice cutlet is very much in trend recently and this delicious dish is being liked a lot. This dish made with leftover rice and vegetables can prove to be a good chef in front of the family. This is really a great way to finish off leftover rice. It can be easily served without any additional spices, but tastes better when served with spicy green chutney or mayo sauce.

3. Bread Cutlets
Bread cutlet is a delicious Indian snack, which you can serve as a starter with tea and coffee in the evening. Bread cutlet is very easy to make. For this you can use boiled potatoes, boiled green peas and some vegetables. By making its cutlets, you can bake it with oil. You can serve bread cutlets with chutney and sauce.

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4. Green cutlets
Taking care of all the tests and nutrition in the food. You cannot ignore the green cutlets in this episode. You can prepare green cutlets with all kinds of vegetables. Which you can serve with tamarind chutney or mint chutney.

5. I cut tasty potatoes
You can make cutlets in the evening snack. In this list, Aloo malai cutlet is a quick-to-make tasty snack. You can enjoy its taste with tea. This cutlet is also a great snack for your tea party, the guests visiting your house will eat it with great gusto and will also want to learn how to make this cutlet from you.

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