Isn’t restaurant-like ‘Lachha Paratha’ made at home? Follow these tips to make it soft and tasty


Lachha Paratha Home Cooking Tips : Famous Punjabi Recipe Lachha Paratha You can eat breakfast in the morning in winter season and also at dinner time. This special Indian Lachhedar Paratha made of wheat flour and ghee is very special and attractive in appearance along with eating. It seems quite difficult to make it at home so we prefer to order it from the restaurant. Lachhe parathas found in restaurants contain a lot of oil which is not good for our health. In such a situation, if you follow some tips to make great Lachha Paratha at home, then you can eat better delicious Lachha Paratha yourself.

keep these things in mind

Keep the dough a little soft. It should not be too tight because tight dough will not make the right paratha.

Use a little oil to knead the dough to make a good layer in the lachdaar paratha.

Do not cook the lachhedar paratha on low flame. This will not make your paratha soft.

After kneading the dough, cover it and leave it for at least half an hour.

After rolling the paratha for the first time, sprinkle some dry flour on it and apply some ghee. This will keep the layers separate.

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magic ingredient

You can add kasoori fenugreek, carom seeds, mint and kitchen king masala to instantly enhance the taste of the lachhedar paratha. You can also add mint and ajwain according to taste.

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How to make Lachha Paratha

First of all, take wheat flour in a big bowl and add salt, sugar, baking soda and 1 tsp oil to it. Mix it and knead with milk. Make it soft by adding water and cover it with a wet cloth and leave it for 30 minutes. Take a big size ball, roll it out and flatten it. Apply some dry wheat flour and roll it into a thin circle in the form of chapati. Roll out as thin as possible. Grease the chapati with oil and sprinkle wheat flour on it. Now start making pleats by folding with the help of fingers.

Stretch the pleated dough as much as possible and start rolling it like a swiss roll. Make a dough by pressing gently and start rolling it in a circle. Keep the tawa on the gas and place the rolled paratha. Flip after a minute and cook from the other side as well. Once both the sides turn golden in color, flip and bake on both the sides. Then crush the paratha and make a layer. Now serve it. Your paratha will be perfect.

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