Italian Pasta Recipe: Try Italian Pasta Cacio o Pepe at home, here’s how to make it


Italian Pasta Recipe: Pasta Although there is an Italian food dish, but in the last few days, the number of people who like it here has increased rapidly. italian food There are many varieties of the most loved pasta available in India. Apart from veg, there are many options in pasta for people who like non-veg. On the lines of Chinese item noodles and Manchurian, now readymade pasta found in the market is being liked in many homes. Today we are going to give you a famous variety of pasta. Cacio or Pepe Going to tell you how to make it.
This pasta is very easy to make and its taste is amazing. Cacio or Pepe As its name suggests, it is flavored with cheese and black pepper powder. Both these things make this pasta very tasty. If you also want to try it at home, then we are going to tell you how to make it. Following which you can easily make it at home.

Ingredients for Pasta Cacio o Pepe
Pasta – 6 oz
Butter (cut into squares without salt) – 4 tbsp
Black pepper (coarsely ground) – 1 tsp
Parmesan Cheese – cup
Pecorino Cheese – 1/3 cup

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How to Make Pasta Cacio o Pepe
To make this pasta, first of all take a vessel and put water in it to boil. When the water starts boiling, first put salt in it. When the salt dissolves completely, add pasta to it and cook it well. In the meantime, keep stirring the pasta in between. Switch off the gas for two minutes before the pasta is completely soft. After this, drain 3/4th of the water from the pasta.
Meanwhile, take 2 tbsp butter in a vessel and keep it on the gas to melt on medium flame. Add black pepper powder to it and let it cook. When it is well toasted, then turn off the gas. Now add 1/2 cup remaining pasta water to it. Now add pasta and remaining butter to it. Now reduce the flame of the gas and put Parmesan cheese in it. Keep stirring it till the cheese gets mixed well with the pasta.

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Now remove the vessel from the gas and put pecorino cheese in it. Keep stirring it until it melts into the pasta and mixes well. Keep in mind that if the pasta seems dry then more pasta water can be added to it. Now put the pasta in hot bowls and serve.

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