Janmashtami 2021: Offer white butter to this Janmashtami Laddu Gopal, prepare like this


Janmashtami 2021: Lord Krishna’s love for butter is not hidden from anyone, his love also gave him the name of butter thief. According to the Hindu calendar, Lord Krishna was born on the Ashtami date of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada. This time Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on 30th August. There is not much time left in Janmashtami, which is why preparations have started in homes to celebrate the birthday of Laddu Gopal with pomp. Murlidhar’s favorite bhog is believed to be of Makhan-mishri. Nowadays many companies sell packed butter in the market, but if you want, you can prepare this bhog at home very easily.

Make butter-mishri enjoyment like this
To make white butter at home, first take out the cream of milk in a bowl. After this, put it in a deep bowl and swirl it for some time with the help of churn or ladle. After sometime the cream will be seen thickening. Continue churning the cream. After some time the water of butter and milk will be seen separating. After this, take out the white butter in a separate bowl. In this you mix sugar candy. In this way, easily the enjoyment of Makhan-mishri will be ready for the thief in the house itself.

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There are many benefits of white butter
Usually the butter found in the market is yellow in colour. Salt is also mixed in it. Which blood pressure patients do not like to eat, in such a situation, instead of yellow, white butter is beneficial for them. Consumption of white butter provides relief in sore throat.

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After offering Makhan Mishri to the Lord, consuming it daily as prasad unknowingly gives many benefits. It also reduces the risk of heart disease. By feeding white butter to children, their mind becomes sharp and their eyesight also becomes sharp. It also keeps bones strong and is also beneficial in joint pain. White butter is trans fat free as compared to yellow butter. Due to this the risk of weight gain is also very less.

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