Make plain rotis healthy and tasty like this, children will also eat on demand


Make Regular Chapati Interesting: Chapati is a special recipe in Indian kitchen which is made in almost all homes. Most of the people like to eat chapati made from wheat flour in the rotis made at home. Usually, in homes where rotis are in trend, it is included in the food twice or once a day. In such a situation, if similar rotis are made daily in your house and you are getting bored with these rotis, then you can do some experiments with them. Yes, with the help of these experiments, you can make them colorful and more healthy too. So here we tell you how you can do this.

1. Pink Bread

You can take the help of beetroot to make the rotis pink. To make it, boil the beetroot and grind it and mash it well into the flour. You can mix green chili, ginger, garlic by grinding it. Roll it like rotis and roast it. Kids will also like pink rotis.

2. Green Bread

You can use spinach to make rotis green. To make it, clean the spinach thoroughly and boil it lightly. Now grind it and add a little salt and knead the dough with its water. You can also make rotis, pooris, parathas etc. They will also become healthy with taste.

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3. Multigrain Roti

If you want to make your roti more healthy and fiber-rich, then prepare flour by grinding oats, ragi, barley, gram, jowar and almonds. You can make multigrain rotis by kneading this dough. Now prepare this dough by kneading it with milk. Eat its rotis hot.

4. Gourd Bread

If you do not like gourd, then you can try its roti. For this, grind the gourd and boil it lightly and knead it with flour. Now make roti out of it. These rotis will be soft and healthy.

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