Navaratri Foods: Want variety in fruits during fasting? Make these food items from Rajgira flour


Navaratri Foods: Shardiya Navratri has started from 7th October. On these special days of worshiping the mother, the devotees fast for nine days to please the mother. During this, they do only fasting foods. If you also do only fruit food during fasting during the worship of mother, then we are going to tell you some recipes made from Rajgira flour. By making these, you will be able to taste other dishes apart from the traditional fruit food. During the fast, it is usually more prevalent to make items like Sabudana Khichdi or Sabudana Vada, but eating such things in a fruit diet for several consecutive days is not only not good for the stomach, but it also does not give enough energy to the body. and not enough nutrition.

During fasting, one should try that the fruit should be such that it is not only light in terms of stomach, but it also provides nutrients to the body so that the energy of the body does not decrease and devotion to the mother can be done with reverence. Rajgira flour has all these qualities. Generally, water chestnut, rajgira flour, buckwheat flour are used in fasting.

Try these dishes of Rajgira
1. Falahari Dosa – You can make Falahari Dosa with Rajgira flour. It can be eaten with chutney or curd.

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2. Fasting plate Although Thalipeeth is a traditional dish of Maharashtra, it can be used as a fasting fruit by making it with the help of Rajgira flour and potatoes.
3. Rajgira Paratha – During fasting, you can eat paratha made of Rajgira flour. Its taste can be enhanced even more by adding grated cheese to it.

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4. Halwa – If you are fond of eating sweets in fruits, then you can try Rajgira Atta Ka Halwa. This is a common dish made during fasting.
5. Rajgira Pudi – Rajgira flour puri can be taken as a fruit food with curd or raisa.

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