Never keep these fruits in the fridge, they will spoil


Fruits To Never Put In Fridge: To avoid spoilage of fruits, vegetables and food items, the help of fridge is taken. Whatever the season, it becomes such a habit to keep the goods in the fridge that we store every vegetable, fruit, drink and food in the fridge itself. But sometimes there are some things that are not safe by keeping them in the fridge, but they get spoiled quickly. One of these things is fruits, which we keep in the fridge thinking that it will be safe, but by keeping it in the fridge, they get spoiled quickly. Now you must be thinking that what are such fruits, so let us tell you about it.

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Whenever people buy bananas, they keep them directly in the fridge, while this should not be done. By keeping it in the fridge, its color starts turning black, which looks bad. After which not only does not want to eat it but also does not feel like seeing it. Along with this, the ethylene gas present in the banana can also damage the rest of the items kept in the fridge.


Litchi also comes a lot in the summer season and some people like it very much. Because of which people buy a lot of litchi together and store it in the fridge, while this method is not right. By keeping litchi in the fridge, it starts spoiling quickly. Even though it looks fresh from the top of the peel, but its fruit starts getting spoiled from inside.


By keeping mangoes in the fridge, mangoes start spoiling quickly. Along with this, by keeping it in the fridge, the smell of mango also settles in the rest of the things kept in the fridge. Due to which those things lose their smell and their taste and these things do not look good in food.


To keep oranges fresh and safe, people also take the help of fridge, while oranges should not be kept in the fridge. Oranges spoil quickly if kept in the fridge. Sometimes its peel remains fresh but it starts drying from inside.

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Most people also keep apples in the fridge, whereas keeping apples in the fridge spoils the apple quickly, while its smell gets absorbed in all the things kept in the fridge. After which it does not feel good to eat food. Also, the amount of active enzymes in apple is also high, due to which other fruits kept in the fridge also start ripening more. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm these . Please contact the concerned expert before following these.)


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