Nuts Burfi Recipe: If you like to eat sweet food, you can make Nuts Burfi at home, this is the method


Nuts Burfi Recipe: As soon as the festive season starts, the season of feeding starts. During this, different varieties of dishes start being made in homes. For the people who like to eat sweets, the festival season is like the fulfillment of the wishes of the mind. In the festival season, different types of sweets are also tried in homes. In this episode, we are going to add another sweet dish Nuts Barfi to your cooking menu, which you will get a lot of praise after feeding the guests. Learn about the recipe of Nuts Burfi, which can be prepared in a very short time and enjoy making it.

Ingredients of Nuts Barfi
Cashew Powder – 1 cup
Sesame paste – 1/2 cup
Almonds – 2 tbsp
Pistachios – 2 tbsp
Cashew – 2 tbsp
Strawberry flavored syrup – 1/3 cup

How to make Nuts Barfi
To make Nuts Barfi, first put ghee in a pan and heat it lightly. After this, add cashew powder, chopped nuts and sesame paste to the ghee. Cook them till their moisture comes out. During this, keep in mind that the ingredients of the mix should not turn brown. After this, add strawberry flavor syrup to it and mix all the ingredients well and cook till it becomes semi dry.

After this take the barfi tray and pour the cooked mixture in such a way that it spreads evenly in the tray. After this process is completed, sprinkle the pistachios on the tray for garnish. Then invert the tray on your worktable and turn the pistachios to stick with the halwa.

After this set the halwa for 3 to 4 hours. Now cut it into square pieces and keep it in a plate and then decorate it with some pistachios. Now serve your Nuts Barfi
Completely ready to do.

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