Shakarkand Ki Rabdi Recipe: Enjoy Sweet Potato Rabri in winters, you will not be able to forget the taste


Shakarkand Ki Rabdi Recipe: Sweet Potato We all have tasted it but have you ever Sweet Potato Rabdi Have you tested? If not, then this winter you can taste it at home. Sweet potato is very beneficial for health. It is rich in fiber, vitamins A and C, calcium and magnesium. Although many dishes are made from sweet potato, but the food made from it is rabri The taste is totally different. This rabri is also very beneficial for health.
Sweet potato and milk are mainly used to make sweet potato rabri. People who love to eat sweets can make it at home this winter. We are going to tell you an easy recipe to make it. By adopting it, you can prepare Rabri easily.

Ingredients for Sweet Potato Rabri
Milk – 1 liter
Sweet potato – 1 kg
Sugar – 1 cup
Cardamom powder – 1 tsp
Cashews chopped – 5
Almonds chopped – 5
Pistachios chopped – 5
Saffron – 1 pinch
hot water

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How to make Sweet Potato Rabri
To make sweet potato rabri, first take sweet potatoes and boil them. When the sweet potatoes become soft after boiling, take off their peels. After that mash them well. Now keep them aside. After this take a big vessel and keep the milk in it for heating. When the milk starts boiling, add mashed sweet potato and mix it well. Cook both these things till the milk becomes thick.

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Now take another pan and heat a cup of water in it. When the water becomes hot, put a pinch of saffron in it. When saffron dissolves well in water, mix it in milk and keep stirring the rabri with the help of a spoon. Now add cardamom powder to the rabri and mix it well. After this let the rabri cook on medium flame for at least 5 minutes.
When the rabri is cooked well, add sugar as per taste. Mix the sugar well with the rabri with the help of a spoon. After this, cook the rabri for two to three minutes, after which turn off the gas and leave the rabri to cool down. If you like to eat cold rabdi, then you can keep it in the freezer for some time. Before serving, garnish the rabri with cashews, almonds and pistachios. In this way your delicious sweet potato rabri is ready.

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