Take care after eating these 5 foods including onion, garlic, they can become the reason for bad breath


Food Cause Bad Breath: You would never want that someone does not like to be near you because of bad breath. It can also be very embarrassing at times. Many times it happens that we end up eating bad breath. At the same time, many times they take such a thing found in food, whose
Because of this, bad breath is created. It can ruin our whole day. Sometimes this kind of situation can also create sourness in the relationship. If you want to avoid such a difficult situation, then always keep in mind what you are eating. If such a thing comes in the food, then take measures to reduce bad breath. We are going to tell you five such things, which cause bad breath in your breath.

meat and fish

The protein present in fish and meat converts the acid and beneficial bacteria present in our stomach into amino acids. In this process, ammonia is formed as a by-product, which has a pungent odor. Ammonia is absorbed in our blood vessels and gets transported to our lungs.
Because of this, the smell starts coming from the mouth. If the fish is not cooked with lots of chili spices and oil, then it becomes a big reason for bad smell in the mouth. Chili spices and oil are used to reduce its smell.
Sulfur is present in large amounts in garlic. Which has a very strong smell. After chewing garlic, a very strong odor starts coming from the mouth. Swallowing garlic or eating food containing garlic also causes bad breath in the mouth. It comes from inside the stomach. According to research, eating garlic produces a sulfur compound called allyl methyl sulfide, which is not metabolized in our stomach.

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Onions and garlic belong to the Allium plant family. Like garlic, onion also contains a large amount of sulfuric compound. Due to eating raw onion, due to this, strong odor starts coming from the mouth. When onion is fried and eaten, its smell and taste are reduced.

dairy products
Even after eating milk and cheese, bad breath starts coming from the mouth. The amino acids present in dairy products are broken down by the bacteria present in our gums, due to which sulfur compounds are formed. This is what causes the bad breath of the mouth.

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Many professionals drink many cups of coffee to keep themselves active during work. Coffee seeds cause bad breath. Coffee contains a sulfur compound. It also contains caffeine, which dries out the saliva in our mouth. Because of this, bacteria start growing rapidly in the mouth which causes bad breath.

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