The number of guests decreased in the wedding ceremony, but the price of the food plate increased, know the reason?


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New Delhi. After Corona, the wedding ceremonies have started again. From hotels, resorts to banquet halls are all full, but due to Corona in these events, the number of guests has definitely decreased. Compared to before, now half the number of guests are arriving. Despite this, the expenditure on weddings has not reduced. Rather, the price per plate has increased. Many times people have to pay for empty plates even though the specified number of guests does not arrive.

The marriage ceremonies have started after Devuthani Ekadashi i.e. 14th November, which will continue for the next one month. There is currently no restriction on the number of guests for these events. Despite this, the organizers are inviting the least number of guests. Only close people are being invited to the events.

half the number of guests

Girish Brinda, Vice President of Surya Hotel Delhi, says that after Corona, the business of the hotel has come back to about 80 percent. But the number of guests has decreased. Earlier, where on an average 400 guests used to come for weddings, only 200 guests are coming there. Large halls are being provided as per the Corona protocol, yet people are inviting a small number of guests. Many guests do not even reach the specified number, in such a situation the organizer has to pay for empty plates.

That’s why marriages are getting expensive

Fewer number of guests are arriving in weddings

Rakesh Gupta, owner of NCR’s Mukut Residency, Vasundhara Ghaziabad, says that despite the decrease in the number of guests, the cost of hotels has not come down. The cost of lighting, decoration, DJ, house keeping, catering is same as before. There has been no shortage in it. Due to the decrease in the number of guests, the cost per plate has increased. They say that compared to before Corona, the current time per plate has increased by 25 to 30 percent.

Increasing trend of marriage by going to resorts and small towns

Sudhir Kumar of Motel 6 Group also admits to the decrease in the number of guests due to Corona. Because of this the price per plate has increased. Apart from this, he says that now instead of big cities, the trend of wedding ceremonies in hotels or resorts has increased in small towns. Where there is less congestion.

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