Tips To Make Turmeric Milk: If you do not make turmeric milk properly then you will not get the benefits


Tips To Make Turmeric Milk: By drinking turmeric milk, health does not get one but many benefits. But drinking turmeric milk in the winter season is more beneficial than normal days. This is because drinking turmeric milk boosts immunity. Along with this, it also helps in keeping away problems like cold, cough and cold. Not only this, drinking turmeric milk brings warmth to the body and the feeling of cold is greatly reduced.

But turmeric milk gives health benefits only when it is prepared properly. Some people think that turmeric milk is ready, while this method is not correct. Actually, by making turmeric milk in this way, turmeric remains raw, which does not get the full benefit of health. If you want to take full advantage of turmeric milk, then you can prepare turmeric milk in the following way.

Ingredients for making Turmeric Milk

– two cups of milk

– Half teaspoon turmeric powder or half inch raw turmeric or whole turmeric piece

– a spoonful of honey

– a pinch of saffron

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How to make turmeric milk

To make turmeric milk, first of all, put a glass of milk on medium flame for boiling. After this, let the milk come to a boil and slow down the gas. After this, add turmeric powder and saffron to the milk. Then boil the milk again for a minute or two. After this, switch off the gas and when it remains lukewarm, then mix honey in it and consume milk.

You can adopt another method to make turmeric milk. For this you have to use raw or dry whole turmeric. To make turmeric milk, first of all, dry turmeric is finely crushed. If you are using raw turmeric then you can also grate it. After this, mix one and a half glasses of milk and half a glass of water in a pan.

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If you do not want to use water, you can also use only milk. Now add turmeric to it and boil the milk on low flame for at least 10-15 minutes. Then filter the milk and mix honey in it and consume it. If you want, you can also mix a pinch of black pepper powder in it. If you are allergic to turmeric, do not drink it.

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